Helping life sciences organisations

release their potential

Helping life sciences organisations

Release their potential


Release Life Sciences and Diagnostics

Release Life Sciences and Diagnostics Limited (RLS) helps life science and diagnostic companies of all sizes release their full commercial potential with strategic advice and implementation.

Our mission is to deliver outstanding commercial services within the life sciences, diagnostics, pharma and biotech sectors. We do so by providing commercial and marketing services, interim management, training and development and career development and coaching.


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Tweets by RLS

The @sangerinstitute's @TimCutts talking about how they installed 7 new Novaseqs in 2 weeks!

They are now sequencing 3,000 human genomes a week and have sequenced more in last 12 months than in previous 25 years!!! 📈🧬


To be successful in today’s #PM market, which is currently valued at c.$44bn, companies must embrace true patient-centricity while demonstrating both the economic and health benefits of the approach.

From a report by LSH and Release-Life Sciences Ltd.

See you at this week's Festival of Genomics? RLS can help your product development & project leadership, investment, team development and growth. I'll be there on Wednesday. #genomics #genomicsfest #fog2020 #biodata #collaboraion #teamwork #ReleasingPotential #RLS

Thank you for publishing this excellent #leadership advice @francescagino @HarvardBiz on collaboration. Collaboration is one of my favourite things! I find your work helpful to unpick its elements and look forward to applying it with clients.

Truly deserved and inspirational! Prof. Dame Sally Davies. There’s a way to go and, through improved collaboration - private, public, clinical, et al - and owning what must change, we can. @UKAMREnvoy #amr #diagnostics #CollaborationReleasingPotential

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