Helping life sciences organisations

release their potential

Helping life sciences organisations

Release their potential


Release Life Sciences and Diagnostics

Release Life Sciences and Diagnostics Limited (RLS) helps life science and diagnostic companies of all sizes release their full commercial potential with strategic advice and implementation.

Our mission is to deliver outstanding commercial services within the life sciences, diagnostics, pharma and biotech sectors. We do so by providing commercial and marketing services, interim management, training and development and career development and coaching.


Release your full
commercial power


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Release your
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Tweets by RLS

Boots to offer 12-minute Covid testing service within weeks #SARSCoV2 #diagnostics

UK ‘sleepwalking’ to mental health crisis as pandemic takes its toll #LookAfterEachOther

Scientists win Nobel chemistry prize for 'genetic scissors' #CRISPR

Nobel prize in medicine awarded to US-UK trio for work on hepatitis C

Herd immunity didn’t develop to cholera, yellow fever, smallpox, measles, TB, malaria, or plague -> public health measures were used to control them until vaccines or elimination strategies were developed.

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