Helping life sciences organisations

release their potential

Helping life sciences organisations

Release their potential


Release Life Sciences and Diagnostics

Release Life Sciences and Diagnostics Limited (RLS) helps life science and diagnostic companies of all sizes release their full commercial potential with strategic advice and implementation.

Our mission is to deliver outstanding commercial services within the life sciences, diagnostics, pharma and biotech sectors. We do so by providing commercial and marketing services, interim management, training and development and career development and coaching.


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The rapid spread of B.1.1.7 in the UK, Ireland and Denmark, as confirmed by sequencing, and need for aggressive action by @kakape @ScienceMagazine w/ @firefoxx66 @JeremyFarrar @BillHanage @ViolaPriesemann @AdamJKucharski @MadsAlbertsen85 @EvolveDotZoo

Bob Dylan sold his publishing catalogue to Universal for ~$300m. They agree that investing in music royalties better bet than gold or oil, as evergreen music makes for returns when wider economic markets are struggling. #leadership #creativity #dylan

210 Boeing’s 737 max jets ordered - how will this decision be viewed in 2030? #leadership #towards2030 #Adapting #PentUpDemand

Specific situation based diagnostic methods remain important. For example, to precisely characterise an infection and define effective and balanced treatments - for the patient AND to minimise antimicrobial resistance. #diagnostics #amr #Towards2031

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