One great day on a page - a brief insight into Genesis 2018

RLS's objective at the One Nucleus' excellent Genesis meeting last week was to learn, connect and develop. Well, it was fascinating. The overarching theme was of 'Driving success in Life Sciences and Healthcare: Convergence of Technology, Investment and Talent.' Here RLS offers 8 insights together with some possible implications and actions. We hope they are useful. Let us know if any excite or surprise you?!

Did you know?

1.  40% of biotech capital is of Chinese origin - strategic collaborations are key.

2. The UK receives the lion's share of European-based biotech funding - there are 1000+ Life Science companies along the M11 corridor with 40,000 employed in our industry.

3. Cancer drugs are driving pharma growth - they can be expensive so matching tests to select, predict and monitor treatment outcomes are more important than ever.

4. There appears to be a convergence of life science and technology funding. In part this is driven by computational power and higher expectations of healthcare. It's important to do everything well and to learn from all the worlds. Brilliant stakeholder management is an imperative.

5. Investors are focusing on the commercialization potential of getting products to market. They are putting more faith in teams that can deliver, as well as in the founder.

6. People make great companies so companies must be great for their people? One company present bravely uses a monthly scorecard metric of "Great place to work?"

7. There is a buzz around game-changing wearable devices and the remote sensing of treatment, lifestyle and outcomes. How will these innovations keep up with regulations? How will regulations keep up with these innovations? Patient acceptance and compliance will also be challenging as will data management. We may need to think very differently as the healthcare benefits can be far-reaching.

8. Early in the day RLS thought. "That person looks the double of Jane Asher." It was and Ms. Asher was great! Like a company of actors, how can teams work together better and sooner? They must have clear shared objectives owned by their director which speak to individual motivation and team pride.

Thank you!

It was a great meeting and thank you to the One Nucleus team for organizing it. Also, thank you to the many inspiring and informative speakers, exhibitors and delegates. RLS made some really exciting connections and we're looking forward to connecting more and developing long-term valuable relationships with our clients. Looking forward to next year's Genesis meeting too! Wishing you the very best for Christmas everyone and a positive start to 2019.

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