Simon Walker, Founding Director of Release Life Sciences and Diagnostics Ltd (RLS), has over 20 years experience in the life sciences, diagnostics, genomics and biosciences industries. He has extensive leadership experience in marketing, sales, product management and R&D functions, from small to corporate business environments, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Oxford Gene Technology and Qiagen.

With enthusiasm, drive and with a strong methodological approach, Simon has been involved in 100s of product launches. This has offered him the opportunity to develop his expertise in:

  • Product portfolio management – from product concept, to prioritisation of product development projects, product optimisation and successful product launches.
  • Management and leadership – serving diverse and globally located teams across technical, commercial and operational disciplines.
  • Complex stakeholder management – leading multi-functional teams to achieve on budget results by establishing clear plans and sharing progress throughout with executive sponsors and the team.
  • Business case development through to board-level approval – with a keen eye for detail and a financial acumen at the heart of the proposal.
  • Market research - with an in-depth knowledge of scientific research and medicine, Simon has harnessed and processed complex technical inputs from experts - through interviews, focus panels, informal discussion and quantitative data gathering – deliver significant insight and advance projects effectively.
  • Technology management - a credible discussion partner at all levels (business owners, CEOs, non-exec directors throughout all business disciplines), Simon has delivered product development decisions involving several applied bioscience-based technologies, including; microarray, cellular analysis, immunodiagnostics, molecular biology, microbiology and sequencing.
  • Coaching and career development – helping colleagues grow in confidence and develop their careers gives Simon a real buzz. Simon focuses one-to-one meetings more on personal development than current performance and can share this approach through career coaching, which has supported the career paths of many of his colleagues over the years.

Simon would like to share this experience with you to release the full potential and performance of your life science businesses.

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