Associates Biography

RLS works with a team of trusted associates. As we've worked together before we've developed both respect for positive, results orientated ways of working and a deep knowledge of capabilities.

Each RLS Associate is selected to deliver you specific capacity or capabilities fast and therefore results.

With a global footprint and expertise in marketing, commercial, training, development, R&D, regulatory and programme management.

This means that together we can deliver results for deep and demanding assignments.

Recently we've tackled R&D processes and projects for diagnostics, technical writing for genomics and strategy and market development for ambitious life sciences companies.​

RLS Associates include:

Matt established his consultancy business (Upstart Bio Ltd) in 2020 having spent 20 years in industrial product development in life science SMEs focussed on molecular biological product. His career has included time spent with fast growing start-ups with inventive technologies, including DRI, Green Biologics, OGT, Momentum Bioscience, as well as larger corporations. He has a PhD in Molecular Microbiology from Cambridge University, where he studied cell-to-cell signalling (quorum sensing) in bacteria.

Often bridging the gap between pure technical and commercial areas of businesses, from very early multidisciplinary research through to manufacturing and product launches, Matt brings an industry-specific understanding of the requirements and culture of start-up businesses, including a hands-on and pragmatic approach to product development. Other expertise includes project management, grant applications, resource management, establishing/ moving laboratories, research team leadership, intellectual property development, problem solving, technical due diligence, technical transfer, manufacturing, and management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 17025).

Matt’s specialist technical areas include nucleic acid purification, laboratory automation, microbial fermentation, microarrays, PCR, DNA sequencing, microbiology, and infectious disease diagnostics.

Jane established her consultancy business over 20 years while undertaking a postdoctoral position in cancer research and realising how much she missed writing. Combining research work and editorial work in the scientific industry for a number of years, Jane then decided to concentrate on writing and editing. With a degree in biochemistry and a PhD in genetics, Jane specialises in animal, plant and microbial genomics, epigenetics, metagenomics, microbiology, microbiome, cancer research, biochemistry, transcriptomics, and protein expression and has hands-on experience of many of the experimental techniques involved.

Jane writes content for many outlets, including brochures, case studies, blogs, workflows, how-to guides, twitter threads, white papers, web pages, and editing scientific research papers ready for publication. Jane is always keen to learn new things and is especially aware of the importance of knowing the intended audience for any piece of writing.

Simon has 25 years’ experience achieving results in global life sciences and diagnostics. His domain expertise spans product development, marketing, sales, and operations - from lab based to remote testing solutions - across consumables, automation, and software.

Simon's specialty at RLS is delivering critical, challenging, and urgent projects. He's an experienced coach and passionate about building effective strategy, collaborations and teamwork. With enthusiasm, drive and with a strong methodological approach, Simon has been involved in 100s of product development and launches.
Prior to founding RLS Simon served in senior level roles in small and large organizations, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Qiagen and OGT.

Rachel Walker is a Director and Business Manager for RLS. She has a PhD in Medical Microbiology from Edinburgh University, where she studied antibiotic-resistance. Her career has included time spent with the Central Public Health Laboratory in London (now known as the Health Protection Agency's Centre for Infections) where she continued to research antibiotic resistance, including the transfer of mutiresistant bacteria from animals to humans. She has also been involved in antibiotic resistance monitoring in hospital bacterial infections. 

Her commercial experience includes working as a medical writer for several major pharmaceutical clients covering an array of medical areas, including thrombosis, epilepsy, treatment for mental health and vaccine development.

RLS is here to support at every step of the way. From product and company concept, to achieving long-term growth.

You can explore some areas where we can assist below. Please get in touch with any questions – we look forward to discovering how we can help!

  • Product definition and value proposition
  • R&D Strategy Development
  • Grant proposal assistance and checking
  • Funding pitch - tune it
  • Culture building – define who we are
  • Process building – getting it done together
  • Regulatory Strategy – define and deliver it
  • Mentoring – benefit from experienced inputs at critical points
  • Bespoke recruitment – assemble a winning team
  • Business case and planning – full ownership
  • Building a credible story – build it, test it
  • Product value proposition – build it, tune it
  • Communicating clearly to customers
  • Customer acquisition with hands on support
  • Partnering – define and deliver
  • Culture building – consolidate who we are
  • Personal  Development – a structured plan
  • Management team building – define and deliver
  • Programme delivery – define and deliver
  • Commercial resources – scale up
  • Supplier and service agreements – define and deliver
  • Team communications – build a more unified team
  • Change management – define and deliver
  • Operational team building – define and deliver across functions
  • R&D Resources – increase capacity, evaluate process
  • Scaling up production – evaluate process, identify partners
  • Strategy delivery
  • Team development and training: technical, commercial
  • Customer focus planning
  • Leadership development – bespoke programmes
  • Process improvement workshops – assess current state, define and deliver improvements
  • Leadership training
  • Kick of meeting – getting great content and a strong impact
  • Bespoke recruitment – get expert inputs
  • Portfolio management – define and deliver
  • Focus message
  • Strategic roadmap – define and deliver
  • Product lifecycle refinement – optimize long term product plans
  • Leadership - own the integration plan
  • Align with a combined mission – assist with ‘hearts and minds’
  • Coaching over management – releasing ideas, solutions and full potential
  • Geographical expansion – identify partners
  • Plan gap analysis and solutions delivered

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