Spring - A Great Time to Nurture Future Performance and Release Future Growth


Are you a busy life sciences professional who wants to develop and improve the performance of your…

  • new venture?
  • existing business?
  • product?
  • team?
  • self?


RLS’s 3-step Plan Assessment, Critical Evaluation and Improvement Plan (PACETM) [1]

can help, it includes…


Your Goal Our Plan
Improve plan pace to success for a new venture/product Business/product development plan review
Achieve longer term competitive advantage and winning performance  

Business/product marketing strategy and competitive positioning review


Increase the pace and impact of your tactical marketing now Tactical marketing and sales plan review


Try before you buy - PACE is initially free of charge [2]


How does it work? – After a get to know chat, a simple 3-step plan:

  1. Plan Assessment - a deep dive discussion of 1-2 hours to establish priorities.
  2. Critical Evaluation - confirmation of requirements with initial suggestions and feedback.
  3. Propose Improvements - an interim proposal with practical suggestions and an optional extended program of work.


Contact Simon @RLS today to for an informal and confidential chat about your requirements: simon.walker@releaselifesciences.com +44(0)7837 285869


About RLS:

By offering a different perspective with fresh ideas, backed by scientific acumen and real-world marketing experience, Simon @ RLS can help you to release your

- Innovation and commercial power – Time – Strategy – Potential –


Release Life Sciences and Diagnostics Ltd (RLS) helps life science and diagnostic technologies and companies to grow with commercial and marketing servicesinterim management,training and developmentand career development and coaching.


Notes: [1] Plan Assessment, Critical Evaluation and Improvement Plan (PACETM) developed and owned by RLS. [2] Offer valid until May 31st, 2019. T&E to be agreed up-front.


Author: Simon Walker, Founding Director, RLS. February 2019.