HOSE™ Success Map

‘Hands-On’ Structured product management Experience (HOSE™) is RLS's dynamic 9-stepped systematic approach to outstanding product management leadership.  HOSE™ ensures that ‘no stone is left unturned to achieve’ the next level of success for your product, your product portfolio and the overall growth of your organisation. The 9-step approach comprises:

Business case development for new product introductions – formalising the critical market requirements, product concept, product benefits - HOSE™ enables prioritisation and profitable decisions throughout...

  • A fully stakeholder engaged process to lead and drive business case development from product concept to board approval and funding decisions.
  • A process-led approach for peace of mind, ensures that ‘no stone is left unturned to achieve.’ Market sizing, market dynamics, financial forecasting, technical review, regulatory review? All bases are covered.
  • Product development proposals streamlined to a compelling pitch (1 minute, 5-10 minute, full investor plan).

Bespoke market research – services to answer and quantify your most critical questions. HOSE™ delivers...

  • 'Deep and Broad’ market research tailored to your requirements, in order to get the market insight that you need.
  • Deeper technical interviews.
  • Broader quantitative market research-based surveys.
  • Desk-based research, telephone interviews, customer panels and focus panels.
  • In context with the market dynamics, your strategy and your capabilities.
  • Transfer market requirements to prioritised product features and benefits.

Fostering the highest levels of stakeholder management – executive maturity and professionalism. HOSE™ delivers...

  • Leading strategies and priorities through all functions to ensure engagement and goal alignment - starting at the top.
  • Guidance and best practice to
    • build collaborative project teams with clear agreed goals against organisational priorities.
    • demonstrate how to effectively delegate project priorities across all functions.
    • manage information actively. For example, to drive Sales or Planning.
  • Stakeholders who are fully engaged with project priorities.

Global product strategy development – backed by a meticulous approach to assessing and proposing opportunities for improvement. HOSE™ delivers...

  • An agreed strategy for product volume, share gain, revenue and margin impact.
  • The global portfolio strategy, including product P&L.
  • An evaluation of proposed opportunities to implement volume, cost and share gain improvement activities.
  • Data mining, analysis and conclusions to enhance the global product strategy.

New product development and portfolio management, – HOSE™ delivers...

  • 1-5 year portfolio planning.
  • Set-up and implementation of organisational priorities aligned to portfolio plan.
  • Evaluation of product workflow solutions and a defined improvement plan.
  • Structure and leadership for portfolio management and presentations to executives for decisions.
  • A strong business case.
  • A compelling and competitive product positioning/customer focused value propositions which achieve customer advocacy.
  • Transparent portfolio priorities.
  • An enhanced product offer, more complete for customers.
  • Product specifications in line with the market opportunity and technical capabilities.
  • Market and customer analysis to develop customer insight, understand trends, risks and opportunities. Through extensive research and identifying and asking the most critically important questions.

Full product lifecycle management from launch activities - maximising the early sales, through to market development and increasing margins - to an effective discontinuation. HOSE™ delivers...

  • A product roadmap strategy from NPD to discontinuation.
  • Managed product obsolescence by ‘the bottom 10%’.
  • The product launch and product marketing plan/ tactics, in close collaboration with the sales channel(s) and with shared goals.
  • Effective communication from New Product Development (NPD) to obsolescence.
  • A detailed market pricing and economic analysis.

Devise and implement product training by HOSE™ for internal and external use by...

  • Ensuring that training priorities are focused and matched to the business and portfolio strategies.
  • Conducting training needs analysis, evaluating training outcomes in continually evolving and improving training programmes.
  • Executing training matched to the marketing plan with meticulously prepared training materials.

Achieve an improved profitability throughout the product portfolio. HOSE™ defines...

  • A managed mini P&L for the product to lever price, volume, share gain, revenue and margin opportunities more effectively.
  • A balanced approach in order to lever the most impactful opportunities.
  • Data mining, analysis and conclusions to enhance the global pricing strategy and its contribution to the bottom line.

Enable the release of product championship behaviours. HOSE™ inspires product management to be...

  • Accountable for the product P&L, viewed as the general manager and go to authority for their product(s).
  • Successful at leading cross functional projects to completion.
  • Promoting the product internally and externally.
  • Fostering engagement and action from stakeholders in Operations, R&D, Quality, etc.
  • Capturing product feedback and communicating success relentlessly.