Less really is more?


In music and sport, playing fewer notes, making simple passes, can be more effective in delivering a better end product. In a presentation, a silent pause can be more effective than over-talking and risking missing the point.


What will you do less of in order to focus more of you on delivering priority projects?

[Long pause, the tension mounts]


Three simple tips, to reach for more (with less!)


It isn’t easy to refuse…but refuse you must

Some organisations can be addicted to ‘busy’ and their best people often get the most of it, which can be good to a point but beyond that the best may burn-out.

When did you last say “No” to a request from an important colleague?

Or, when did you sweeten the “No” with “I can absolutely do that, but I think it must wait until we have completed [Insert Priority which must be delivered first]?”

Remember, the path of least resistance is to say “Yes.”

Remember, reputations are built on delivering results over complying.


Leap on inefficiency by corralling better communication  

If people aren’t talking, then help them to do so. Perhaps consider arranging a win-win project for both parties? Your role is to release potential (in this case more efficiency) through the collaboration. Keep your energy high for this role and don’t drift from this positive task. Call out great work and collaboration.


Know what must be done and don’t let go of it – if more is needed, call it out specifically

Do you record time spent on projects, across all functions?

If you regularly have >100% allocation of resources something needs to stop.


Thank you for reading and good luck, with less!


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Author: Simon Walker, Founding Director, RLS. December 2019.