The “Why?”

Through broad networking, focussed business development discussions, conversations with clients and chats with friends, I've been asked many times, "Why form RLS?"

Although the business has had a clear purpose from inception, my answer does evolve. Each day, I challenge myself to always question the "Why?" in what I do.

Please allow me to uncover and share the reason "WHY?"

1.  To learn every day and pursue my passion for infectious disease diagnostics, genomic testing, the microbiome, immune-regulation and reaction, neurological disorders, new drug development and improved methodology. It's such a great time of growth and change in this environment which demands our best collaboration.

2. To focus on the "doing" over meeting, managing, commuting, quarterly reviews, reports on reports. To feel the thrill of a good job, done.

3. To be independent with my time and achieve some balance.

4. To be objective in voice within the life sciences and diagnostics industries and "expert enough" to highlight challenges and deliver improvements - with practical, helpful input for clients, associates and, therefore, for patients.

5. To work with a diverse group of amazing professionals and to bring ideas together in medicine, diagnostics and broader life sciences - throughout industry and the public sector - and to provide energy  (as well as to be energized), in establishing meaningful connections, structure and ideas to make a positive difference (quickly when possible!).  I'm excited to be involved in AIMday Antimicrobial Resistance, next month, in Oxford… more on that later.

6. To learn from, listen to (and listen again to!) knowledgeable clients in all functions and experience levels, "What engages you and makes you tick?" Then, to openly share expertise, insight and experience for improved engagement, structure and results in product and program management, sales, service, strategy, operations, processes and marketing (the bruises and learning opportunities, as well as ingredients for future success). Apply the theory: "The people who do it every day know the most" and respect all views.

7. To experience sheer variety and a sense of mission - I'm trying to deliver per the scope of assignments, I'm also trying to give bonuses too. With purposeful team-building workshops, necessary process and method building, helping to improve inter-departmental communication.

Overall, the "Why?" for RLS is…

I'm trying to deliver results for clients and that leave them in better sustainable shape, than when I arrived. And to be authentic and passionate in so doing.

I bet you're glad you didn't ask!  I'll shut up now.

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