Value Proposition Propagator Tool (VPPT™)

Developing and tuning a customer focused value proposition for your product and overall offer

The Value Proposition Propagator tool is a flexible method for developing and tuning a customer focused value proposition for your product, product range, workflow solution and overall offer.

For: [List stakeholders, Describe target customer] What are their drivers and constraints?
Who: [Describe CORE purpose of the role occupied by stakeholder(s)] What helps them to win?
The: [Your Product Name]
Is a: [Clear, relatable and provable description] Does it resonate with the CORE purpose?
That: [Key functionality(s)] Described briefly and clearly?
Unlike: [Existing methods] Showing evidence of understanding strengths and weakness?
It: [Show unique value] Where is/ are the sweet spot(s) for the target customer(s)? What currency does the value have? (e.g. Time-saved, speed, scalability, value increased?)
1 Key message 1 with proof
2 Key message 2 with proof
3 Key message 3 with proof

We have found it to be helpful on several occasions over the years. It has worked best when part of a workshop and with participation from customers and internal stakeholders, for example from R&D, Sales, Product Management, Marketing, support functions and leadership. This way you can develop a singular team view, a combined team-powered vision, as well as a great customer focused value proposition – a powerful combination!

We would recommend to draft the value proposition early, perhaps at the point of completing a Product Requirements Document (PRD). By doing this as a cross-functional team it can unify the team’s power and commitment around the challenge!

To make a start just complete the GREEN and then the BLUE items whilst using the RED questions to guide you.

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